Past Events

List of Shows

Apr 2017 "We Don't Dream Under the Same Sky", text, image

Mar/ Apr 2017 "America's Endangered Coasts", text, image

Oct/Nov 2016 "Fredy Perlman and the Detroit Print Co-op", text, image, review by Andrew Blauvelt in the Walker Art Center Blog

Sept 2016 "Righted - a trajectory of work by Elizabeth Youngblood", text, image, review by Clara DeGalen in Detroit Art Review

August 2016 "All the Woo in the World - new work created in the gallery by Jason Murphy", text, image

July 2016 "Barriers - a series of obstructions by Oren Goldenberg", text, image

May/June 2016 "The Art of Finding Common Ground - An Exhibition about Exhibition Making", text

April 2016 "Essay'd V: featuring essays on, and work by Lynn Bennett-Carpenter, Jessica Frelinghuysen, Carole Harris, Megan Heeres, Addie Langford, Jason Murphy, Scott Northrup, David Philpott, Tylonn J. Sawyer, and Graem Whyte.", website, about

March 2016 "lifework - an investigatory performance based dialog between Eli Gold and Melanie Manos", text, image, video of Melanie Manos performance

Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 "Essay'd IV: featuring essays on, and work by Patrick Burton, Olayami Dabls, Greg Fadell, Christine Hagedorn, Ben Hall, Adam Lee Miller, Hamilton Poe, Jo Powers, and S Kay Young.", website, about

Nov / Dec 2015 "Tricknology", text, image

Oct / Nov 2015 "The Visibility of Labor", text, images, review by rosie sharp in hyperallergic

Sept / Oct 2015 "The Fate of the Machinery", text, discussion series, documentation, review by rosie sharp in hyperallergic

Aug / Sept 2015 "Essay'd III: featuring essays on, and work by, Sandra Cardew, Matt Corbin, Mary Fortuna, Chido Johnson, Andy Malone, Shanna Merola, Toby Millman, Clinton Snider, Jon Strand, and Marie Woo", website, about

June / July 2015 "Tensions", text, review by rosie sharp in hyperallergic

May / June 2015 "Essay'd II: featuring essays on, and work by, Lynne Avadenka, Susan Goethel Campbell, Scott Hocking, Andrew Krieger, Michael McGillis, Frank Pahl, Megan Parry, David Rubello, Dylan Spaysky and Elizabeth Youngblood", website, about

May 2015 "Frank Pahl: new suites and themes", text, review by rosie sharp in hyperallergic

Apr 2015 "The place where things happen for the second time", text for show and accompanying discussion series, discussion piece by Richard Raubolt, discussion piece by Catalina Esguerra, review by rosie sharp in knight arts

Mar 2015 "Listener", text, card, photos and video

Dec 2014 / Jan 2015 "Essay'd: featuring essays on, and work by, Saffell Gardner, Corrie Baldauf, Melanie Manos, Kathleen Rashid, Katherine Brackett Luchs, Rose DeSloover, Corine Vermeulen, Tzarinas of the Plane, Carl Wilson and Nicole Macdonald", website, about

Oct/Nov 2014 "from all sides", text, card,"The Kidnapped Children of Detroit" essay by Marsha Music, images of opening by Rebecca Cook

Aug/Sept 2014 "until something else comes along", text, show essay, images of opening by Rebecca Cook, , article by Phreddy Wischusen (Michigan Citizen), article by Lee DeVito (Metro Times), article by rsharp (Knight Arts), article by Michael Hodges (Detroit News)

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