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We Don't Dream Under the Same Sky

New art and writing by David Armstrong Jones, Donald Malone-El, Dyson X Slater, Fred Williams, James D. Fuson, James D. Thomas, Julian Johnson, Major Shepherd-El, Maurice Sanders, Raymond Hall, Rolando Hernandez, Steve Hibbler, Tony Tard, Timothy Sanders, and Yusef Qualls-El

April 15 - April 29, 2017

Opening Reception: 6-9pm, Saturday April 15 2017

Panel Discussion: 2-3:30pm, Sunday April 16 2017

Poetry Reading and Closing Reception: 6-7:30pm, Saturday April 29


This exhibition presents new art and writing from the Writer’s Block, a growing collective and movement which, animated by creativity, supports personal and political transformations inside Michigan prisons. The focus, inevitably, is on the human tragedy and social injustice that is the prison industrial complex. The artists are almost all serving very long prison sentences, and many are Juvenile Lifers – juveniles sentenced as adults and incarcerated for life without chance of parole. The visions presented recall a history of silencing, discrimination, isolation and death, and they tell of limitations that continue to suffocate a fuller range of human expression.

The artists in the show are not just providing the content of the show, but have been actively involved in creating its meaning. Their message is that mass incarceration in America affects everyone in one way or another, and their intention is to allow the public to see and hear from real people inside the fences, and behind the walls, – to “humanize the numbers.”

Image: Yusef Qualls-El, Guilty (Line up), Colored pencil and ink on paper, 2015.

Regular hours Saturday 1-5pm, or by appointment, please contact

Image at top of page "Barriers" by Oren Goldenberg